Montserrat Volcano Tour

45 mins(approximately)

Experience this 45-minute, pilot-narrated, aerial adventure over the sparkling Caribbean waters to the island of Montserrat. Here, at the centre of the ‘Exclusion Zone’, an area where access is strictly managed, is the active and explosive Soufrière Hills Volcano. Rising to an impressive 3,000 feet and dominating the island, the volcano towers above the Tar River Gorge and Delta.

In 1997, the volcano erupted, making two-thirds of the island uninhabitable. This tour allows you to experience the massive destruction as you fly over a collection of evacuated villages, the previous location of the WH Bramble Airport, and the charred remains of the former capital, Plymouth, which is now partially buried under 40 feet of ash.

Witness the smoke and steam of a live volcano up-close… all from the safety of a helicopter. A once-in-a-lifetime experience!



Did you know?  Our pilots provide weekly aerial support to the scientists at the MVO (Montserrat Volcano Observatory)? CalvinAir was also tasked by the CDEMA (Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency) to assist the team of scientists monitoring St. Vincent’s La Soufrière right after its infamous 2020 eruption. We know volcanoes!

Tour price $320usd / person

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