CalvinAir Helicopters Brings Urlings Fisherman Home for Rehabilitation and Recovery

Ruan Roberts, the Urlings fisherman who was recently medically airlifted to Guadeloupe by CalvinAir Helicopters has returned home. CalvinAir Helicopters picked up the patient, who had undergone treatment for decompression sickness at the University Hospital of Guadeloupe, late Saturday afternoon, right after he had completed the last round of treatment.

CalvinAir Helicopters medevacs another “Round South” resident suffering from the “bends”

After performing the emergency medical evacuation of an Old Road resident, just over a month ago, CalvinAir Helicopters was once again taking the exact half-hour flight route to Guadeloupe for the same purpose. On this occasion, the patient on board was 32-year-old Ruan Roberts, a local entrepreneur and fisherman from Urlings, who was diagnosed with acute decompression sickness by doctors at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre (SLBMC).

CAF and CalvinAir Helicopters Evacuates Old Road Fisherman Suffering from “the Bends” to Guadeloupe

A 53-year-old, Old Road fisherman is currently undergoing hyperbaric treatment for decompression sickness at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (University Hospital Center) in Guadeloupe, after being medically evacuated to the neighbouring island by CalvinAir Helicopters.

Search For Missing Teen Shamar Harrigan Takes To Air

The search for missing Willikies teen Shamar Harrigan was yesterday joined by CalvinAir helicopters scouring Antigua’s east coast from the air.

Barbudan Medevac Patient Recovering Well From Emergency Surgery at SLBMSJMC

A 41 year-old Codrington man, who was medevac’d by CalvinAir Helicopters (CAH) after developing serious medical complications, is recovering well at the Sir Lester Bird Mount St John’s Medical Centre (SLBMSJMC).

Barbuda Teen Doing Well After CalvinAir Helicopter Medevac to MSJMC

A Barbudan teen is now doing much better, after experiencing a medical emergency on the sister isle on Thursday, June 3. Fourteen year-old Patrice Jeffrey and her mom, Ionie Jeffrey, spent a tiring 24-hours at the Hanna Thomas Hospital, where the teen’s condition was considered serious enough for Head Resident Doctor, Dr. Jeremy Deazel, to recommend that she be medevac’d to the Mt. St. John’s Medical Centre.

‘Baby Miracle’ airlifted from Barbuda aboard CalvinAir Helicopters

A young mother is breathing a sigh of relief after a frightening experience that resulted in CalvinAir Helicopters (CAH) having to provide medical emergency airlift of her one year-old daughter from Barbuda, to the Mount St John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC).

Team Antigua Pairs gets welcomed visit – by air

A helicopter flyover- made possible through CalvinAir Helicopters – facilitated the reunion, and while still a distance apart, it was an emotional reconnection – one that Observer was present to witness.

CalvinAir Helicopters assisting with monitoring St. Vincent volcano

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) Coordinating Unit, has selected CalvinAir Helicopters (CAH) as the top helicopter operator in the Caribbean to carry out the work of assisting scientists with monitoring the La Soufriere volcanic activity in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Helicopter poised to assist search and rescue missions

When disaster strikes at sea, every second counts in bringing those on board to safety.